Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me Want Cookie!!

Lets just say its hot here.  It was 95 degrees yesterday and if felt even hotter.  So what do I do on a hot day?  Swim? Nope, bake a cake Hah!  I actually made this last night and it had cooled down nicely.  I made a delicious lemon cake with lemon curd filling and lemon icing -yum!  Too bad its not for us I sent it with my husband to work.  So this week i decided to use the Sesame Street cartridge.  I loved making cookie monster it was so easy.  Just three colors blue, black and white.  And are you ready for this?  I used the Wilton sugar sheets for the black background.  It actually worked great as a background because there was no intricate parts just the outline of cookie monster. Also rolling out the fondant went so smoothly last night and I am guessing it is because of the weather.  I put colored sugar crystals around the edge because I was going to pipe a design around the edge but the icing was just too runny from it being so warm.  So It came out OK.  I need to make a bigger cake because my designs are too small and I want to add multiple things and its really hard to do that on such a small cake. I am really loving my Cricut cake machine. 

Also this week I bought a gypsy!!  I got it from amazon and when it came I thought there was some sort of mistake because it looked like it was preloaded with alot of cartridges.  Well, I was wrong. too bad you can see them but you cant cut with them- hah!  Anyway it took me about 3 hours to register and update this thing!  Then, another hour at least to load all of my cartridges because I think I have around 90 or more.  You would think that having that many cartridges I would at least make some more interesting cakes right? LOL. Well, I'm trying. So maybe next week I might try using the gypsy with the cake machine.  I guess we will have to see.  Thanks everyone for reading

Also only 22 more days until the Disney Classics cartridge giveaway!  Wow! I cant wait!


  1. Cute- Like the sugar icing around the edge- have fun playing with your gypsy (I haven't bought one, not sure about it yet, would love to hear how you like it!)

  2. That turned out very cute. You should see the little pjs I made and the customer made them into little cookie monster costume for a pageant'

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