Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally - A New Cake!

OK so sorry everyone that I haven't posted in a while, but I have one phrase for you to explain it all "3 kids with strep throat" Need I say more? LOL Anyway I did a lot of shopping over Memorial day weekend and found something new to try - Wilton Sugar Sheets! So I decided to try them in the cake machine. First off I would like to say that the honestly look and feel like a cross between paper and a fruit roll up. I removed each one from the package and then peeled it off the mat that it came on and brushed it with cooking spray to make it stick to the cricut cake mat. I decided to use the Independence Day Cricut cartridge for memorial day. So I started with the blue sugar sheet. First it ripped, then ripped and the ripped some more. Finally using the speed setting on minimum and the pressure on low I was able to cut something. I think these would be great for the punches Wilton intends them to be used with but they are very hard to work with in the cake machine, and once they are ripped there is no remolding them so its your loss. I wasn't able to do any lettering and intricate or small things are next to impossible. I feel like I wasted alot of money because the little design that actually came out is all that I was able to salvage from the 3 sugar sheets. They are 3.99 each so they aren't cheap. Anyway I was able to make something, I chose the easiest thing because the stars being cut kept ripping the sheets so this design only had three. This was all I was able to make. One red white and blue pennant. The large white design in the background came out really easy but it was a simple design so I think these might be good for some large plain flowers or something. I was really hoping they would work because some of them have some great designs on them. Oh well. Also for those of you wondering how they taste?- They taste sort of like the fondant plain and sweet. I guess I should stick with fondant from now on unless I get a great deal on them and decide to go for it again. Thanks everyone and remember my contest is ending soon. I am so excited! June 30th Yippee!!

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  1. Wow I had no idea you could do that sort of thing with cakes! I'm so behind the times. I just got into digital scrapbooking a few months back! I have seen Cricut stuff in the store, but it was some time ago and I don't know a whole lot about it. I've seen some beautiful scrapbook stuff online though (pictures of non digi-stuff). I had no idea you could do this with cakes though!

    My mom used to make us cakes with these nestle' chocolate liquid envelopes? I guess they stopped making them and it's kind of a bummer. She uses the nestle powdered chocolate now, but the recipe always comes out sliiightly drier. I learned how to make cakes with those Nestle envelopes! We always had some stashed in our pantry in case we needed to whip up a cake, lol! I haven't baked like that in years though!

    Btw, I found you from Pascalea's Happy Hoppers Monday Blog Hopp.