Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Live on a Pineapple Cake in the Fridge? - Spongebob Square Pants!

My kids adore spongebob so I figured it was about time to put him on one of my cakes.  This cake was sooo incredibly hard. It was so hot and humid here that the fondant was melting.  First I made a pineapple cake with butter cream icing.  I used teal Fondarrific butter cream flavored fondant too.  It was really good, but not as good as the vanilla flavor.  Also this time I decided to try something different and I think I had a breakthrough!  I planned to use the Wilton sugar sheets for the black background and I figured out a way to do it with ease.  All you need to do is to take the sugar sheets and leave them on the plastic they come on and put that on a regular sticky cricut expression mat!  It worked so well.  I am going to get a bunch of the sugar sheets for my next cake and try to do the entire design that way.  They are a little like a very thin fruit roll up when you take them out of the package but they do sort of melt into the icing that you put them on eventually and you don't notice the texture.  Also best of all they are tasteless!  So I cant wait to try them again, but it is way to hot here so it may be in a few days.  Keep cool!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July Cakes were Fondarific!

Well I only have pictures of two of the cakes that I made but i actually made three cakes plus cupcakes for my husbands work.  All came out great!  The two cakes that I can show you both were made with basic shapes for the circles and stars from the Georges Basic Shapes cartridge.  I tried some new fondant this time called fondarific.  I got antique white and it was vanilla flavored.  It was SOOO much better then Wilton fondant.  It stayed softer and wasn't as chewy, plus it tasted like vanilla taffy.  It was really good. The one cake was a vanilla white cake that I added some red food coloring to and made it red and white swirls and it had whipped cream icing under the fondant. The other cake was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing under the fondant.  The fondarific fondant came in a 2 lb tub and was about 12 dollars.  I used it for almost three cakes so it was well worth it.  The only slight problem was that it was a little soft so my tiny stars wanted to be blobs instead of stars-lol.  Anyway I hope you all had a great Fourth of July and celebrated this wonderful country we live in, because I sure did. Oh also I got the new Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge and i plan to make a few this week with my Expression 2 so I plan on posting them.  Looks like a cute cartridge right?  and I bought it for 24.99 too!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The winner of the Disney Classics Cricut Catridge is......;

Hi everyone.  First I want to thank all of my followers for all of the kind comments.  I picked the winner using and so the winner is....

Paula Talbert!

Paula please send me an email to with your address so that I can get this out to you!

Thanks everyone and I hope you all have a great Fourth of July weekend!
Check back soon because I have another new cartridge to give away now too!!!