Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Fall!

I finally made another cake.  Well the weather is cooling down and since we went apple picking and had soo many apples I actually have been doing alot of baking (apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce, apple cake, apple muffins,etc.) I finally finished all the apples.  My husband never thought that I could do it but I showed him-lol.  Anyway this last cake I made with the help of an assistant.  She has an excellent eye for cakes and designed this one with a little help from me-her mom.  My 4 year old helped me make this one.  It was a carrot cake with whipped cream icing.  I cut all the fondant pieces from the Happy Haunting cartridge and had them all waiting there while iced the cake.  I stepped over to the sink for a moment and she had almost all the pieces on the cake already!  The funny part was that she used her hands and none of them broke so it was actually amazing.  She also picked out the color for the icing-purple, and we added some purple sprinkles too. That night she told my husband and son that she made the cake and it was so adorable how proud she was of herself.  It was a good night, and it was also my birthday so we had a really great time.  I forgot to get candles for the cake and all we had was a number one shaped candle so there were alot of jokes going around the table.  I said it was perfect because I am their number one mom right? and the best number one wife-lol.  Anyway the best part of the day was that the kids were so excited about it.  It was like a holiday around here.  It really made me appreciate the moment because someday when my kids are grown and off to college, or married with their own lives I just might be lucky to get atleast a phone call from them, so its definitely a day I will always cherish.

Here are some pictures from my cake and the wonderful cards from my kids and my husband, plus a picture of the kids while apple picking.

                                                 from Jada, age 4

                                                  from Justin, age 8

                                                  from my sweet husband

                                      thats only part of all the apples we picked in the basket